Understanding the Mental Health Impact of Mesothelioma: MINNOW Study Report
Understanding the Mental Health Impact of Mesothelioma: MINNOW Study Report
October 16, 2023

Earlier this month (2 October 2023), the Mesothelioma UK Research Centre at the University of Sheffield released its latest research report, marking the result of an 18-month-long study known as MINNOW.

The primary focus of this study was to gain insight into the mental health effects of living with mesothelioma on both patients and their informal carers.

The MINNOW study, which Mesothelioma UK funded, aimed to understand the emotional and psychological well-being of individuals affected by this devastating disease. This comprehensive investigation also aimed to explore the strategies employed by patients and carers to support their mental health and well-being. Furthermore, it sought to identify which of these strategies was most effective. The study encompassed a survey completed by 96 participants and included interviews with 10 patients and 11 caregivers, both those currently caring for someone with mesothelioma and those who had experienced the loss of a loved one. 

This research marks a significant step forward in understanding the emotional challenges those affected by mesothelioma face, shedding light on the strategies that can provide much-needed support. You can read the findings in full, which were published in a report here: MINNOW Report

Additionally, for more detailed information on the study and its background, you can visit the original article from Mesothelioma UK here: 

New MINNOW study – understanding mental health impacts of living with mesothelioma.

What Is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer. It usually starts in the lining that protects some body organs. Layers of tissue covering the lungs (the pleura) are most commonly affected, although less frequently, it starts in the lower part of the stomach (the peritoneum). 

How Do You Contract Mesothelioma?

People are at the most risk of getting mesothelioma when they inhale a considerable amount of asbestos over time, and studies show that asbestos exposure is responsible for up to 9 out of 10 mesothelioma cases. Asbestos particles are tiny fibres that attach themselves to the lungs or the stomach (less often). Once lodged, they remain there, causing lung irritation and scarring. 

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Solicitor for Asbestos Disease

Asbestos-related diseases, including asbestos-related lung cancer and mesothelioma, often do not present until decades after exposure. If you have been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease, seeking the appropriate advice and guidance is essential.

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