Ronald Charles Jessop – Mesothelioma Case Information Appeal
Ronald Charles Jessop – Mesothelioma Case Information Appeal
July 31, 2023

On the 16th of August 2022, Ronald Charles Jessop died following a diagnosis of lung cancer with traces of mesothelioma as a result of asbestos exposure.

The family of Mr Jessop are appealing to former colleagues for information about his former working conditions during his work at sea as a Trawlerman.

Here we provide some key information about Mr Jessop’s case, including:

    • Information about Mr Jessop, including his background in early life and his illness.
    • When he worked as a ‘Decky Learner’, deckhand and other key roles at sea.
    • The names of the vessels in which he worked.

Ronald Charles Jessop

Ronald was born in Hull on the 23rd of July 1927 and spent most of his life there, except for a short time during World War II when he was evacuated to the village of Bubwith in East Yorkshire. At the age of 21, in October 1948, Ronald embarked on his career as a fisherman. By November 18th, he had earned his second-class certificate and began work as a ‘Decky Learner’ at sea. He went on to become a skilled deckhand and continued working at sea until the birth of his second child in 1959.

From 1960 until retirement, Ronald worked as a ‘bobber’, unloading fish from trawlers. In his later career, he also moved onto freezer trawlers.

Throughout most of his life, Mr Jessop maintained good health, which was crucial for his profession as a fisherman.

Lung Cancer Diagnosis

On the 7th of August 2022, Ronald was admitted to Hull Royal Infirmary, struggling with his breathing. Medical staff administered a nebuliser to aid his breathing and took him for an X-ray. Five years previously, Mr Jessop had scans that did not indicate any cancer symptoms. However, the 2022 X-rays found lung cancer. Furthermore, a considerable amount of fluid was in one of his lungs.

The fluid was tested once drained, and traces of mesothelioma were discovered. Unfortunately, due to his age, there was no prognosis. The focus shifted to prioritising Mr Jessop’s comfort and enabling his return home. However, on the 15th of August, the consultant removed his oxygen and began administering morphine. Mr Jessop did not return home and sadly passed away in hospital on August 16th, 2022.

Appeal for Information

Ronald Charles Jessop is a greatly missed husband, father, grandfather, and friend.

Following his death, his family are seeking to find as much information as possible in relation to his work on the various vessels during his time working between 1948 and 1959, which ultimately led to his death by mesothelioma in 2022.

Below you can find information about which vessels Ronald worked on. We also understand that he worked on winches when he later worked as a bobber on the docks, which may have contained asbestos.

As part of this appeal, Mr Jessop’s family and the legal team at Bridge McFarland LLP will appreciate any information you can provide concerning his working life, particularly in cases where you can provide information about his possible exposure to asbestos. Please get in touch with James Burrell, Partner specialising in Asbestos related disease, on 01482 320620.

Vessels and Dates


    • Frobisher – October 1948 – November 1948
    • St. Chad – November 1948 – December 1948
    • Rossalian – between January 1949 – July 1950
    • Carthusian – between June 1950 and February 1951
    • Lord Nuffield – between March 1951 – March 1953
    • Lord Fraser – between May 1953 – May 1954
    • Red Hackle – May 1954 – June 1954
    • Arctic Viking – between June 1954 – September 1954
    • Lord Hawke – between October 1954 – May 1955
    • Starella – August 1955 – September 1955
    • Stella Pegasi – between September 1955 – April 1956
    • Brucella – between November 1956 – May 1957
    • Boynton Wyke – November 1957 – January 1958
    • Lord Cunningham – between November 1958 – February 1959

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